TIMELINE of  Yasuhiro Irie and Metin Kayar 

 1988 KoKoDo-Clinic was founded by Yasuhiro Irie
1995 KoKoDo Jujutsu was founded by Yasuhiro Irie

2012 Kokusai Budokan Renmei was founded by Metin Kayar
2014 Budokan System presented & confirmed in Japan and Okinawa

2015 KoKoDo by Yasuhiro Irie was divided in two parts:
- KoKoDo JuJutsu (Soft Part), already since 1995
- KoKoDo BuJutsu (Hard Part) founded 2015

2015 Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai (Bushido Philosophy)
founded by Yasuhiro Irie & Metin Kayar

2015 Metin Kayar was confirmed Head of the two organisations:
1. Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai 
2.  KoKoDo BuJutsu
both with Hombuin Schaan / Liechtenstein

Saitama / Japan 2014

Yasuhiro Irie & Metin Kayar making plans for a new organisation.

Istanbul / Turkey 2015

Foundation of Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai in Istanbul as the only city
connecting Asia and Europe, which stands for connecting east and west in martial arts.

Schaan / Liechtenstein2015 

Metin Kayar was confirmed Chief of the two organisations:
1. Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai
2.  KoKoDo BuJutsu
bothwith Headquarter in Schaan / Liechtenstein