TIMELINE of  Yasuhiro Irie and Metin Kayar 

 1988 KoKoDo-Clinic was founded by Yasuhiro Irie
1995 KoKoDo Jujutsu was founded by Yasuhiro Irie

2012 Kokusai Budokan Renmei was founded by Metin Kayar
2014 Budokan System presented & confirmed in Japan and Okinawa

2015 KoKoDo by Yasuhiro Irie was divided in two parts:
- KoKoDo JuJutsu (Soft Part), already since 1995
- KoKoDo BuJutsu (Hard Part) founded 2015

2015 Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai (Bushido Philosophy)
founded by Yasuhiro Irie & Metin Kayar

2015 Metin Kayar was confirmed Head of the two organisations:
1. Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai 
2.  KoKoDo BuJutsu
both with Hombuin Schaan / Liechtenstein

Saitama / Japan 2014

Yasuhiro Irie & Metin Kayar making plans for a new organisation.

Istanbul / Turkey 2015

Foundation of Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai in Istanbul as the only city
connecting Asia and Europe, which stands for connecting east and west in martial arts.


Metin Kayar was confirmed Chief of the two organisations:
1. Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai
2.  KoKoDo BuJutsu
bothwith Headquarter in Schaan / Liechtenstein

Nihon bushido kodo kai