Nihon Bushido Kodo Kai

The Way of the Warrior



Learn from Budo to use your mind, body and soul.
Reach a higher quality of life.
Preserve the most important treasures: 
Health, Time and Family

Preserve Bushido

Respect Japanese Ancestors of Budo
Practice Budo with a professional Budo Master
Visit Japan


Annual Taikai

The Real Bushido

The Co-Founders are representing the living art.
It is their destiny to preserve the Bushido in technique as a lifestyle
and to develop it to perfection.

Co Founders

Irie Yasuhiro (Japan)
Founder of

KoKoDo JuJutsu
(The soft part of KoKoDo)     

Founder of 

KoKoDo BuJutsu
(The hard part of KoKoDo) 

“I have been thinking to do something which has been warmed up in my heart for many years.
Now the time has come to spread another way besides KoKoDo.  I knew this the moment I met Metin Kayar and saw his technique (waza).  I believe that he is the one who can reach the goal to transfer this new way of thinking into the world.”

Metin Kayar (Liechtenstein)
Founder of 

Kokusai Budokan Renmei
(Confirmation of Budokan System 
in Japan and Okinawa)

Head of

KoKoDo BuJutsu
(The hard part of KoKoDo)

“I believe that the highest level in martial arts uses not only your body and mind, but also it uses your soul. I am happy to spread this “way of the warrior” into the world by teaching it and by living it.”